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Fashion Runway Suzhou

2019 Suzhou International Design Week

Bespoke of Melbourne was thrilled to be involved in the official closing ceremony of Suzhou's 2019 International Design Week. The team created beautifully embroidered traditional bespoke Chinese garments. Models were seen featuring the mandarin collar and others with classic Chinese knot buttons. The theme was to highlight the elements of China's unique cultural history. Suzhou is the key city known for having the most skilful embroidery techniques, using the most finely crafted fabrics in China. View the images below for a recap of the fashion show on the runway and read on for more information about the Suzhou International Design Week.

The 2019 Suzhou International Design Week was officially opened on October 24 in the Taohuawu Historical and Cultural Area of Gusu District, Suzhou City (Jiangsu Province, China). Drawing inspiration from the establishment of “city of design and capital of industry”, the design week spatially presents the innovation development thoughts and achievements of Suzhou in the fields of urban revitalization, industrial upgrading, improvement of people’s livelihood and cultural inheritance. This is achieved through six sections: Opening Ceremony, Guest City, Design Award of the Year, Theme Activity, Design Journey and Closing Ceremony.

Centered on the theme of “Delicate Suzhou for Beautiful Life”, the 2019 International Design Week displays and spreads the unique creative innovations and urban cultures from multiple dimensions by dividing into three parts in industry, city and people’s livelihood. While actively introducing the design strengths and taking the “Design Award of the Year” as its engine, the design week actively mobilizes the local design resources and design strengths from local design colleges, associations and enterprises, and integrates and promotes a batch of unique “New Suzhou” cases by way of interactive activity, promoting the prosperity of a creative industrial environment in Suzhou.

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