Kezco Atelier's VIP Customer Event

Excuse the delay in updating you with the latest and greatest at Kezco Atelier and Yasmin - however we have been busy! The races, weddings, corporate updates and Christmas presents were just some of the events we've been busy making suits for.

Today's post focuses on the Kezco Atelier & Yasmin (KA) VIP Customer event - and trust us when we say when KA parties, we really like to let loose and spare no expenses. The VIP Customer Event was at Ms Collins in Melbourne and it was no exception. With Belvedere Vodka flowing and a multitude of other drinks you may not even be able to pronounce, the event was a great way to learn about the playful side of our customers and co-workers. We were really glad to see everyone let their hair down and enjoy the night and we look forward to doing it all again for our strictly bloggers cocktail party Friday 17 November.