Ladies Suits - Trendy vs. Classic

Aside from the obvious problems many women can have when it comes to buying off the rack suits – poor fit, cheap fabric prone to creasing, boring corporate styles and so on – there is the misconception that a suit is, by default, a classic and therefore will never date. Trouser-suit shapes, like skirt and shoe shapes, go out of style; the jackets marginally more than the trousers, as a recent overhaul of anybody's wardrobe might prove.

Jacket length, shoulder width, lapel size, waisted vs boxy, shrunken vs oversize… there is no prevailing silhouette right now (that’s the good news) but, crucially, the wrong combination of the above proportions results in an epic fail (that’s the bad news).

Here are some examples of classic and trendy ladies suits. Ocassionally trendy suits (such as the one worn by Kim K West) can be ill fitted, we still love her though! and as with the suit worn by Bridgitte Bardot, sometimes you just can't go past a classic. The suits on the mannequins are by Yasmin femme tailors.